Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Top 12 Movies for 2012

With 2012 is shaping up to be one of the best years for movies of all time, we decided to put out our list of our 12 most anticipated movies of the year.  Lets hope Hollywood doesn't let us down.

12. Battleship ( - Growing up in RI, with friends and family working at Hasbro, we can not help but be excited when our favorite games come to life.  The trailers looks amazing, we just hope this is more Transformers and less GI Joe: Rise of Cobra...

11. The Bourne Legacy ( - With a new director and cast, we are very interested to see where this movie goes.  Will Jeremy Renner top Matt Damon?

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10. The Hobbit ( - While none of us read any of the books, we were all big fans of the Lord of the Rings movies.  Lets just hope this one only ends once...

9. Safe House ( - We are suckers for movies like this, and Denzel never disappoints!

8. The Amazing Spider-Man ( - We truly hope Mark Webb does justice to the Spiderman story so we can forget about the Sam Raimi versions.  Who casts Topher Grace as Venom (No offense Topher, but your just not a good bad guy).

7. Prometheus ( - Sci-fi nerds seem to have this at the top of their lists of 2012.  We loved Alien, and are interested to see what Ridley Scott does with this, but not enough to put it in our top 5.

6. Wrath of the Titans ( - The first one received mixed reviews, but we thought it was a great action/ popcorn movie. 

--- The Top 5 ---

5. The Gangster Squad ( -  Gangster movies are very hit and miss.  But with the talent in front and behind the camera, this looks to be one of the years best.

4. Skyfall ( - Remember when there was an outrage over Daniel Craig being cast as James Bond?  Neither do we, because his James Bond is right up there with Sean Connery.  With a great supporting cast, and Sam Mendes behind the Camera, has the ingredients to be one of the best movies of the Franchise, not counting Never Say Never Again (Pun intended).

3. The Avengers ( - Iron man + Captain America + Thor + Incredible Hulk + Joss Whedon = Minds being blown.  We were huge fans of all four movie franchises (The Ed Norton Hulk, not the Eric Bana Hulk), so we plan on being there opening weekend for this!

2. The Dark Knight Rises ( - Christopher Nolan has never made a bad movie.  We expect his streak to keep going with this.  Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are two of our favorite movies of all time, and we expect this one will be added to that list!

--- Our #1 Movie for 2012 ---

1. The Expendables 2 ( - So here is the plan.  The night this opens, the three of us, along with a few of our closest friends, are going out to dinner ordering the biggest steaks we can, barley cooking them, drinking a few beers, heading to the moves (With our friend Mike being the Designated Driver, of course), and watching what will be the greatest 80's action movie ever made!  Stalone! Willis! Norris! Statham! Van Damme! SCHWARZENEGGER!!!  Hell yeah!!!  

Feel free to comment below, and tell us your top 12 of 2012.
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