Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What movies will we see this month?

Since we do not have a movie for you this week, we figured we could at least tell you what cinematic adventures will bring us to our local multiplex theaters.

MI:4 & Sherlock Holmes 2 ttp:// - I know these were released in December, but we have not seen either yet and enjoyed the previous films in the series.

Click on the post title to see the full list!

Loosies -Not usually a movie you expect from a blog that mainly focuses on action movies, but the production company and director (Michael Corrente) are based out of RI, so why not give some local love.  Plus we enjoyed Brooklyn Rules and Outside Providence (Both directed by Corrente).

Underworld: Awakening - Kate Beckinsale returns after a one movie hiatus, and we hope she brings the pain!  The first one was awesome, two and three, not so much...

Red Tails - While the story seems familiar, Lucasfilm is producing this, and from the previews, the air battles look to be awesome!

The Gray - This looks almost as good as The Edge  Enough said.

Check back weekly to get our thoughts once (or if) we see these movies!
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